Born and raised in South Africa, professional underwater photographer Wesley Oosthuizen moved to Grand Cayman shortly after graduating from high school, a decision he has never regretted.
While working as a snorkel guide, he started freediving and was mesmerised by the amazing ocean life that he encountered on a daily basis. After a couple of close calls while freediving, he decided to try out scuba diving. This is when his life was completely transformed.
A traveller at heart, Wesley later moved to Taiwan, where he hung up his fins for much longer than anticipated, about 13 years, to pursue other avenues such as directing, music composition and video editing. This range of talents eventually brought him in a full circle back to diving, with skills that were honed and developed. This then led Wesley to start a production company in Taiwan, which has been operational for around two years now.

To see more of Wesley’s work, follow him on Instagram: @wesley_oosthuizen

All images by Olivia Anderson