Smitswinkel Bay, False Bay, South Africa.
“Every now and then calm waters move into False Bay. With my wife snorkelling in the background, it puts the kelp forest into perspective.” – Geoff Spiby

Photos by Geoff Spiby

Take a peek at diving along the Cape Coast in this Viewfinder feature on photographer, Geoff Spiby.

Geoff Spiby is a veterinarian based in Hout Bay, South Africa. He has been exploring the underwater world ever since he was a child. Growing up in Cape Town, Geoff learned to snorkel and scuba dive in its cold, turbulent, entrancing waters. He started taking photos in the 1970s and became hooked on underwater photography when on honeymoon in the Maldives in 1984, having travelled via Hong Kong where he purchased a Nikonos 4 and a strobe light. He now seldom goes diving without a camera.

Pyramid Rock, False Bay, South Africa.
“This shot clearly highlights the broadnose sevengill shark’s namesake.” – Geoff Spiby

Atlantis Reef, Partridge Point, False Bay, South Africa.
“Only discovered about five years ago, Atlantis Reef is a pinnacle that comes within 5m of Partridge Point. In one deep and dark area, the forest of orange and red gorgonian fans contrasts beautifully with the green water.” – Geoff Spiby

Gansbaai, South Africa.
“After rigging up a makeshift polecam, I attached a single strobe to my housing and secured it to a pole. Aiming blindly, I took photos of sharks swimming by. At one point, a shark turned and swam straight toward the camera with its mouth wide open.” – Geoff Spiby