About Us

Submerge Publishers presents a bimonthly South African scuba diving magazine that sets forth to enhance the scuba diving community and the industries indirectly involved in the sport of scuba diving. The first edition was introduced to the scuba diving market at the end of July 2006. The magazine content is designed to be innovative and display interesting and “everyday” diving topics. It is a lifestyle magazine for divers to enjoy with family and friends. The introduction of themed editions brings a whole new dynamic to the content of the magazine. Whether it be image portfolios from the most esteemed photographers, tips on dive safety, interesting industry news or just fun light-hearted reading, SUBMERGE leaves its readers with the same good feeling that diving brings to their lives. SUBMERGE is enhanced by its online sister magazine, Scubatainment, which was successfully launched in June 2012. The benefits of advertising with SUBMERGE are linked to this international online publication.

SUBMERGE Magazine (ISSN 1819-7558) is financially and editorially independent. It is enhanced with the support of and contributions from the diving community and other role-players in and around the industry, but is not affiliated in any way to these bodies. SUBMERGE Magazine strives to foster an awareness of various diving aspects and encourages the growth of a safe and enjoyable pastime. SUBMERGE Magazine is published six times a year by Submerge Publishers, an independent organisation owned by its partners.


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All copyright for material published in this magazine belongs to Submerge Publishers and/or the individual contributors. No part of this magazine may be reproduced or extracted in any form whatsoever without the written consent of the publisher.

Editorial and Submissions

The submission of articles and photographs is welcome, and the publisher reserves the right to publish or not to publish any submissions received. All materials received will be subject to editing and alteration as per the publisher’s discretion, and the author thereby consents that the publisher may publish the material in any other media as deemed necessary. Please ensure that all material is sent to [email protected] Images should be of a high quality resolution (300DPI) and should be accompanied by a caption, the name of the photographer and if possible, the camera used. The publisher, while exercising all reasonable care, cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. Unless requested and priorly arranged, material submitted will not be returned.


As to the best of Submerge Publishers’ knowledge, contributors have not plagiarised material submitted. Although the utmost is done to avoid such occurrences, Submerge Publishers cannot be held responsible for the contributors’ and/or writers’ indulgence in plagiarism.


The views and opinions expressed in the magazine are solely those of the author/contributor. Events, activities, advice and recommendations are to be executed with the utmost of caution, and with the proper instruction and equipment. Although the accuracy and integrity of information is strived for, the publisher and the relevant parties cannot be held responsible for any misfortune, discomfort or inconvenience, in any form whatsoever, that may arise from published information. E&OE.